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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 19, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>steve: the bay area prepare for another pounding rain this is one particular city and
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they're getting the sandbags ready they're hoping it will be too bad for a couple of stories were of flooding a couple of years ago home on aren't tells of the entire town flooded the
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rain is starting to come down here in the north event there is still a couple of storm of our opens. >>reporter: they're keeping their eyes open. >>steve: the storm is wreaking havoc, wrote also by challenging drivers 1 bay area body shop says they've seen a real spike in cars with triple the amount of business. >>reporter: fascines many still
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are unmindful of hazardous conditions driver is not slowing down given enough room ahead until it is too late.
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grant l: the melancholic krieger that is right next to were home to flood again it is a creed
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that is normally about 6 in. filled with water there was no timetable for when that maybe make sure as environmentally friendly what they're doing a couple of situations and contra costa county.
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>>reporter: it is likelier reality now that they've gone off formal application not so says the ever optimistic oakland mayor into an investment group put together of the city now has
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a competitor of plan that is fair to the raiders and responsible to the taxpayers.
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>>reporter: and had fans are
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torn are sending this supports the seven sitting.
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>>reporter: and also ahead tonight a stunning new statistic revealing the inspection that 25 percent of all american men have a preview of tomorrow's ceremony we are joined by author and candid if the u.s. senate's.
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♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >>pam m: to students and
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parents at capt. elementary school have learned the school will not reopen next fall for of their schools operated will close as well. >>charles c: in a statement
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thursday of the oakland confirmed in addition to send the wrong for the elementary schools would also not reopen in the fall.
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>>pam m: donald trump and his family pay their respects to the nation's first republican president and is one of the hallmarks of our democracy in with the peaceful transfer of power hours away.
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>>: will be more worn the new thing because you you focus on fixing problems not release of random order for someone who will concentrate on moving america.
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>>: this is an interesting question he does that and 20 the 50 million people by setting his own agenda and go on all around the media that is how he won we expect some of that to occur with expected to start pushing the real policy issues.
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>>reporter: 50 does that the division, give some more leeway than is the most important thing he can do. >>pam m: you cannot last inauguration live right here our expanded coverage begins to marron would have reported out of local what started as well as protests in beginning of a 30 tomorrow morning we will go commercial free to air the
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president of margaret's and ceremony in its entirety right here would hope you join us tomorrow morning. >>steve: businesses in downtown oakland responding and giving a for possible damage it happened in the past few conceivably of windows and doors for a rally will be held in oakland federal building no demonstration will be at 9:00 in the morning of san francisco recall before expected to make the human chain across the golden gate bridge as a demonstration for more on the demonstration tomorrow and this weekend
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>>reporter: family going to the rest of tonight it will be heavy rainfall and is to continue all day on friday whether track and
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snow showers which will continue you can see in for everything go from brain drain into blue which the deaths of a higher elevation we are tracking a to storm warning for the next four days all the way until monday expect it what conditions three to 6 ft. of snow.
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>>steve: vaccines can prevent the infection but the
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vaccination rates are still too low.
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>>steve: it is been a while for us we have another two systems to worry about overnight will continue to see heavy downpours will linger into tomorrow morning sun. we want to and stay
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in the sierra or stay here because revlon to seek heavy snow coming down you will notice tempters will stay in the low '30's. >>pam m: blown all of pull porn harbor and it was thrown onto
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the beach with a loss 700 yds away with two more storms, and there was not cowhides serve adviser for the coast the mavericks could see six different ways and the beach in harbor of to 30 ft. despite the warning to stay away. >>gabe s: he is the owner of the mavericks' third shot a one of the organizers of the magnetic competition.
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>>gabe s: they believe the intense when the dust in their world of people coming down to the hard-cover for veatch to live with those big wave this weekend.
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>>steve:: fed have been last month and four on the mask and follow to people and to their homes we're here with some pretty clear surveyed video. grant l: convict edited video showing the four guys, and a certain things and help the public use is imprinting behavior they've fallen of issues this belief in power in this house ransacking the place while to arise in the home owners this will december 8th does before 11:00 at night when they follow them into an open garage door to commercial and other valuables seven detectives in fremont have been assigned to this case with a call-our are seeing.
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>>pam m: a formal arrival of the offices from the above the six year-old suffering from multiple gunshot wounds he was pronounced dead at the scene the suspect and an african-american male in his 20s about 6 ft. tall with a slim build and of beard the suspect vehicle as a white 2012 chevy malibu if you recognize the suspect the police department would like to hear from you and disturbing video
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show one another restraining grandchildren and then facebook did while she said she did it the most notorious drug lord be extradited to the united states the one penalty however he will not face.
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>>steve: he will not receive the death penalty in the united states according to mexico's government and foreign ministry they approve the extradition this morning after receiving guaranteed than the leader would not face the prospect of capital punishment he is only in new
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york the move to america appears to be well timed. >>pam m: the manhunt ended tuesday when heavily armed officers a rested him and orlando he denied resisting arrest sign that the also broke his jaw and nelson " took his eye in charge of first-degree murder charges in the killing of
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police lt. are still pending the mother jokes about tipping her child to wall so she can claim the house you receive a 18 year- old mother with her child crying the recommended the technique to her facebook viewers to a few days later the mother returned of said same this year and contacted by todd services to she no longer takes her son to the wall of the charges have been filed as of
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now but they are looking into the incident. >>pam m: the nine as general manager vacancy down to three candidates after another executive decided to remove his name.
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>>rob b: this is especially true because of your between the ages of 32 and 61 the average person has about $5,000 saved for retirement if you're not getting
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the maximum data job you're leaving on a lot of money at the table.
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. >>gary: the news every day seems to be another chapter in continues to leave the tort law to vegas i am just wondering
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after leaving for a second time, many people will make that a regular have been. >>gary: it will not want to give
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the job and would lead to get out before they say we're left with another green bay young executive.
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>>gary: this turn of rock tune by sally and of you, nevada and fine of the courageous steph
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curry and kevin the warriors are high you have to wait to seem
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4.6 rebounds look up the floor that is the worst floor 8663.
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>>pam m: we will have the latest on the rather and coming up and we hope you join us stay in touch have a great night.
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police instructor: all right, cadets, listen up. what i am cradling lovingly in my arms is an m203 40-millimeter canister launcher. what's it for? cadet williams. tear gas. that's right. that... is a meth lab-- our boys took it three days ago. how do you think they did that? tear gas. wrong! and that is why we are here. i'm gonna demonstrate for you why we don't fire tear gas into a meth lab. (spraying) (grunting, groaning) (murmuring)


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